Our hero, Dr. Tom Catena of Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Nuba Mountains, has asked us, so we're asking you! Do you have a simple way to join two 1cm surgical tubes together?

The man responsible for inspiring our Project Daniel, Dr. Tom Catena, has a need for his hospital in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan. 

As the only doctor operating in the Nuba Mountains, Dr. Tom services about a million people, doing everything from delivering their babies to performing amputations. 

And he has a question for us - do we know of something - or is there a 3D-printable CAD or STL file somewhere out there for some thingamijig widget - that can connect together two surgical tubes of 1cm inner diameter. 

"The biggest problem," Dr. Tom tells us, "Is that bold clots often clog the point where the connector meets the tubing so it's best if there is no or little reduction in the diameter at that point."

So, what say you, Not Impossible dynamos and do-ers?

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