Temperature-sensitive labels called ZapStrips remove your identifying information from prescription medication in seconds.

Photo Credit: ZapStrips

Photo Credit: ZapStrips


The next time you take one of your prescribed medications, take a look at all the personal information on the label. If a thief got ahold of one of your medication bottles, he or she would have all the information needed to use your health insurance number to fill a fake prescription.

ZapStrips will change that. The sticker-like label affixes right onto your regular prescription bottles' thermal-printed labels. When the bottle is empty, users just microwave it for 10 seconds. The ZapStrip will then remove all information from the label, making it completely blank.

Father-and-son duo Tim and Jacob Croskey of St. Louis invented ZapStrips, and according to KSDK.com, they recently auditioned for the ABC show "Shark Tank."

See more information on ZapStrips in the video below.