An hour of skateboarding on this prototype can charge your phone.

Photo Credit: Chargeboard

Photo Credit: Chargeboard

Imagine a skateboard that could charge your smartphone and power a boombox. That's the gist of the Chargeboard, a graduation design project by Bjorn van den Hout of the Willem de Koonig Academy in Rotterdam.

"The two dynamos in the rear axles generate 6V each," he explained to CNET. "This electricity is then converted back to a 5V current and gets stored into a powerbox. So when you'll plug your iPhone in the dock, your phone gets charged and in the meanwhile you can listen to some of your favorite tracks."

Van den Hout has essentially turned a skateboard into an iPhone dock, only your pedaling provides the power. An hour of skateboarding can charge your phone; skate more, and the Chargeboard's built-in battery will be able to store enough juice for eight power cycles.

Check out the Chargeboard in action below, and if you want one for yourself, head to van den Hout's Kickstarter page.