Last week we asked "Do you have a simple way to connect surgical tubing?" to assist Dr. Tom Catena and his hospital out in the Nuba Mountains. Today, a MASSIVE thank you and huge props goes to Jeremiah Dapkey - a retouch and 3D artist in California for tackling the problem head on and delivering the files that printed the connector pictured above!

In response to last week's request posted here, asking "Do we know of something - or is there a 3D-printable CAD or STL file somewhere out there for some thingamijig widget that can connect together two surgical tubes of 1cm inner diameter," and which ran the photo:


We now, thanks to Cali-based Jeremiah Dapkey, have printed this! 

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For those of you who might need something similar, or just want to print out what Jeremiah designed, here are the STL files! And here are the MakerBot friendly Thingiverse files!