Detectives in Dubai will use Google Glass to spot wanted criminals.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Detectives in Dubai will soon be equipped with Google Glass, particularly for the use of facial recognition technology. 

The wearable device has a small computer screen in the corner of the frame that is able to take photos, record video and play sound. First Post reveals the Dubai police have developed a software that would connect the wearer to a database of wanted criminals. When the device makes a connection based on a face print, it will alert the wearer. 

In the first phase of usage, the police department will be using Google Glass in traffic violations, to track vehicles involved in other offenses. In the second phase, the technology will be rolled out to detectives. 

Dubai has been sparing no expense when it comes to providing their police department with top-of-the-line equipment. Last year, they announced that police will get Lamborghinis to use at major tourist sites. This, according to the deputy police chief, is to keep up with Dubai's image. 

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