Photo Credit: Snohetta

Photo Credit: Snohetta

This Norwegian home produces twice the energy it consumes. The experimental home was designed by Snohetta for the Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings and shows how the use of sustainable technologies can allow houses to go far beyond providing supplemental energy.

The roof of the house is angled for optimal sun absorption throughout the year, which also helps to naturally ventilate the house. The natural light is brought in through a large atrium to move away from traditional shades.

The team will be testing the house for heating and hot water systems to see which method is the most efficient. According to Inhabitat, the house will produce so much heat that it will be able to heat the outdoor pool and provide energy to an electric car.

There are plans to design 700 to 800 homes of this kind throughout Bergen. The hope is to put the extra energy they produce to good use. 

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