Peugot is showcasing their new, compressed air hybrid at the Paris Motor Show.

Photo Credit: Peugeot

Photo Credit: Peugeot

A concept city car from Peugeot hopes to meet France's vision of creating an affordable 117 mpg U.S./141 mpg U.K. vehicle by 2020. The car's manufacturers will showcase their new 208 Hybrid Air 2L at the Paris Motor Show this week.

Drivers can run the car in three options: gas, air or a combination of both. In air mode, the car operates on compressed air on urban routes before resorting to its gasoline engine for the highway, reported.

In gasoline mode, the car is powered by the 1.2-liter engine and is specifically designed to move at a steady speed on main roads and highways. The combined mode is for stop-and-go, or for transition from city to suburban roads. 

To create the car with such low fuel consumption, Peugeot used applications and technologies usually used in competition and luxury models. The show car is lighter than the company's standard 208 Hatch and is made with a mix of steel, aluminum and composites.

According to PhysOrg, engineers reduced the weight of the car to just over 1,895 pounds by using carbon fiber instead of steel body panels. They also reduced the thickness of the steel exhaust system.

"The demonstrator provides a snapshot of the full range of technologies used in meeting the government's goal of achieving a fuel efficiency of just 2.0 l/100 km," Peugeot said of the showcase hybrid. 

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