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Photo credit: iStock/yalcinsonat1

Photo credit: iStock/yalcinsonat1

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1. Bag It

Feeling guilty about that bag of potato chips you just scarfed down? Don’t be. Our top post of the week explains how a team of students in Australia created a water treatment system by using empty potato chip bags as one of the components. 

The team first built a water treatment system using high-quality materials to use as a basis for design, IFL Science reported. They then built a rudimentary version using inexpensive materials. The end product is a system that holds water in a glass tube and guides sunlight toward it with a half cylinder lined with reflective foil potato chip packets.

The entire system costs just $67 and can clean more than 10 gallons of water in four hours. Read the full post.

2. Is That One of Stark's?

Arizona State University's jetpack looks like something from a Marvel movie. But this isn't C.G.I on the big screen. It's for real. So we can see how fanboys helped push the post to the #2 spot on this week's Latest Greatest list.

Developed for military use, the 4 Minute Mile jetpack helps users decrease the time it takes to reach a destination while also reducing the effort it takes. During testing, the jetpack helped a tester run faster and decrease the metabolic cost of a 200-meter run. Read the full post. 

3. Texting Deterrent

Have you ever seen the person driving next to you with one hand on the wheel and the other texting on his smartphone? Probably more often than you would like. 

A company based in Virginia is developing a device like a radar gun that will help police officers catch texting drivers in the act. 

Our third most popular post of the week goes on to explain that creating this radar gun won't be an easy task. But considering that the American Automobile Association found that 47 percent of teens admitted to being distracted while behind the wheel because of texting, it's clear that it's a tool the police could use. Read the full post.

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