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Photo credit: Honda  

Photo credit: Honda


Not Impossible Now presents the Top 3 most popular posts of the week from The Latest section. Look out for Latest Greatest every Friday.

1. Slow Ride

After a fan wrote, “I sooooo need one of these!” on our Facebook page, we knew our post about Honda’s mobile stool would be #1 on Latest Greatest this week.

Honda recently released a beta version that is even more light and compact than the original stool that was introduced in 2012. It also features a new a stand function, which disables the driving function so users can easily step on it or use it as a stool.

In the promotional photo above, it’s clear Honda thinks the mobile stool would be perfect for an office environment. Now we just need someone to develop an indoor traffic light system! Read the full post.

2. Fear Factor

In our #2 most popular post of the week, we counted down the most frightening technology tales of the fall for Halloween.

Computer security issues, including stories about stealing baby photos on Instagram and Ebola-themed phishing scams, dominated the list. Read the full post.

3. On a Mission

And finally at #3, we featured a post about Dr. Isaac Yonemoto who is on a mission to crowdfund a patent-free cancer drug. Yonemoto is the founder of IndySci, a platform for the Project Marilyn campaign that is using the open-source ideology to develop said drug.

The current crowdfunding campaign has a goal of financing an initial mice study.

“Even if the xenograft study fails, we’ll have gained valuable information that might otherwise be kept secret if it were patented,” Yonemoto told the Times of San Diego. “In that case, researchers will know not to pursue the drug further.” Read the full post.

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