UltraHaptics is a new technology that has the potential to change the virtual reality industry with tactile touchless feedback.

Photo Credit: UltraHaptics

Photo Credit: UltraHaptics

Imagine a virtual reality in which you can actually reach out and feel the texture of an object or surface. The new development of tactile feedback for touchless interactions might soon make this possible.

The technology is called UltraHaptics and it uses a haptic feedback system through ultrasound that gives users a buzz of pressure on their hand. When the ultrasound frequency is changed, the developers found that they could mimic the feeling of a variety of textures. This would give users the true feeling of touching fabric or a hard surface, for example.

UltraHaptics works with a grid of ultrasound wave emitters which work together to provide the feeling of pressure on skin. Factor reports that it can currently provide haptic feedback at a point measuring 8.5mm in diameter and from a distance between 4cm and 2m.

This technology can be used far beyond the VR realm. It could, for example, give drivers a little buzz when they are getting too close to another car, or even help those who are visually impaired know when they are about to walk into an object.

See how UltraHaptics works in the video below.