Researchers have developed a dye that helps doctors spot brain tumors.

 Photo Credit: Blaze Bioscience

Photo Credit: Blaze Bioscience

A cancer-detecting dye has just received FDA approval for a clinical trial. Called Tumor Paint BLZ-100, the dye was developed by Blaze Bioscience and helps surgeons target brain tumors by highlighting cancer cells in images.

Kurzweil AI reports that the study will involve 21 adult patients who are in need of surgery for glioma brain tumors, which are often fatal. The trial will be aimed at further examining the safety of injecting the BLZ-100 molecule into the bloodstream, where it will rush toward cancer cells.

The molecule could be especially helpful to doctors of patients who have cancer that is difficult to spot and remove. A major problem with such surgeries is doctors often don't remove the entire tumor or end up removing healthy tissue. The tumor paint could help to solve this problem, making such surgeries more effective.

Participants will be enrolling in the trial until December 2015. Researchers hope to eventually test BLZ-100 in children as well.

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