Slip on some baby-monitoring socks for warm pigglies and wigglies and parental peace of mind

The Owlet Smart Sock is a piece of woolly wearable tech you slip onto your baby's foot that allows you to actively monitor the health and safety of your baby. Partnered with a downloadable app, you can peek at your cellphone to make sure your little one is sleeping like a member of their proverbial peerage, 

Tiny sensors monitor vitals, keeping you looped in on your baby's heart rate, oxygen levels, temperature, room temperature, and your baby's sleeping position - an alarm will sound in the case your prince or princess rolls onto their stomach.

Developed by students at Brigham Young University, "Owlet's technology is built on a state-of-the-art method called 'pulse oximetry,' which uses pulses of LED light to measure heart rate and oxygen levels and recognize when those metrics are outside of the normal range. Pulse oximetry is a well-known, non-invasive method used by hospitals around the world to monitor vital signs."

As with any product developed for our most sensitive beings, the Owlet Smart Sock has a toe-hold on safety: it is hypoallergenic, wireless, doesn't use adhesives, and its "electronic components are housed in a water-resistant, medical-grade silicone case, so your child is 100% protected from any electrical contact."

Owlet's technology also delivers the added bonus of data to the greater medical community, infant by infant, which informs us about infant sleep and eating patterns, as well as common infant health conditions: breathing problems, heart defects, and possibly even SIDS, which remains the number one cause of death for infants one month to one year of age, the causes for which medical experts still struggle to understand."


Funded through the early crowd-funding site Fundable (and having raised early monies of approx $2 million), Owlet eclipsed their fundable goal, building their profile as a welcome addition to the breeding community.

Parents look for the latest to help them keep an eye on their children, tools that also provide informative data to help them determine when to, and when not to, rush home and rush off to local emergency rooms and pediatric clinics.

As a further endorsement, Owlet has been selected as 1 of only 10 startups for the "R/GA Connected Devices Accelerator Program," which highlights "technology and product development in ways that are truly innovative, expanding our perceptions of what's possible."

Although not in stores just yet, the Owlet sock is available for pre-order via their website. So, kick off those booties Aunt Mavis made, and slip one of these on instead.