Facebook and Twitter are often the subject of debate. Here's to the stories that mattered. To the cases where social media drove humanity to its finer hours. Here's to Facebook for the Sake of Humanity.

What a difference a post makes:


Barbie Ritzco was fabulous and active, a gunnery sergeant marine for 20 years who then battled breast cancer and the double mastectomy that came with it. While some women choose further surgery to replace and recreate what was lost, others choose to just be.

Barbie stood for those for whom further surgery wasn't an option. She chose to embrace her new self, and proclaimed it publicly with a Facebook page called Flat and Fabulous and quickly became a community of more than 2,500 women who've chosen to not to pursue reconstruction.

"In a culture that so often defines feminine beauty by a woman’s breast size, women who have made this choice feel robbed of their femininity and isolated. FLAT & fabulous exists to help our fellow sisters to heal – emotionally and physically, and to embrace their strength and beauty. It is our desire to find support and understanding in those around us: family and friends, doctors and other healthcare workers. 

"I want FLAT & fabulous to EMPOWER women living without reconstruction." Barbie Rizco

The USAA recognized Barbie with their Athletic Inspiration Award:





Barbie passed away in September of 2014 but her legacy is pretty fab. So, Facebook, we give you the thumbs way up.