Taking vitamins seems to be a bunch of guesswork. What if you knew exactly what your body needed, and of what it had plenty? It seems that time has come.

According to the founders of Vitastiq, the pen-shaped monitoring device, when connected to the phone app, can pinpoint the levels of 30 different vitamins and minerals in your body and provide you with instant, addressable feedback. Check out the video, it's pretty amazing (Yeah, I was going to say fantastic, but that's just what they want me to say).

How does the pen know what's what? The idea is based around acupuncture points, each of which has differing rates of conductivity, and its this electrical current that is said to enable the pen to gauge the levels of certain key elements. Check out the pretty pics:

The product is still in the production pipeline, has been developed by a team from Dubrovnik, Croatia, and should be ready to ship in March 2015. The Vitastiq team is running an Indiegogo campaign to pre-sell the device, with each unit priced for early birds at the $99 mark.

Though the campaign doesn't end until January 23, 2015, the team should reach its goal of $49,000 before the end of the year.