MindRDR is an app that uses biosensors to give Google Glass users the ability take photos and post to social media using their thoughts.

Google Glass is perhaps the most significant advancement in personal and mobile technology in recent years. With a swipe of a finger or voice command, users can control the piece of hardware embedded in a pair of glasses. This Place, a studio in London, is taking Google Glass to the next level with their app, MindRDR

MindRDR is an app that links to Google Glass through a Neurosky EEG biosensor, another piece of head-mounted hardware. This creates a communication link that allows users to control Google Glass with their thoughts. 

Neurosky picks up on the brainwaves that are directly linked to users' focus. MindRDR takes these brainwaves and superimposes them with a meter reading on the camera view of Google Glass. The more you focus, the meter moves up and the app takes a picture of what you see in front of you. Focus even more, and the same photo gets posted to Twitter. 

Google Glass retails for $1,500, and Neurosky's hardware products start at $79.99. The MindRDR app is free.

Learn more about how MindRDR works in the video below.