The Brainwriter, an extension of Not Impossible’s acclaimed Eyewriter Project for graffiti artist TemptOne, launches at the Barbican’s “Digital Revolution” exhibition today, its combination of brainwave sensors & eye-tracking technology enables the paralyzed to create & communicate!


The Brainwriter – a D.I.Y. EEG-device paired with ocular recognition technology that enables the fully paralyzed to draw and communicate – is having it public launch at the Barbican’s “Digital Revolution” exhibition in London today (July 3), and will remain on show in London through September 14, 2014.

Inspiring people to change their world for the better, Not Impossible is committed to the idea of Technology for the Sake of Humanity. Consisting of a hacked PS3 camera, copper wire and a pair of cheap sunglasses, the Eyewriter enabled LA graffiti artist TemptOne to draw again despite suffering the neuro-degenerative condition known as ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s or motor neurone disease). While the Eyewriter was activated and de-activated using eye-blink recognition, the degeneration of Tempt’s ability to fast-blink necessitated that the technology progress to activation and de-activation using brainwaves.


The BrainWriter system utilizes an eye-tracker for navigating a computer mouse across the screen PLUS an EEG headset that assigns click or key instructions to calibrated thought patterns, or brainwaves.

Consisting of a headband, sensors, a shielding board, a brain computer interface (EEG device) donated by OpenBCI, and an eye-tracking device (such as a SYMeyes, Tobii or EyeTribe), the technique replaces an eye-tracking device’s blink-selection of objects with EEG (or “brainwave”) instructions.

Preliminary tests show that EEG used with eye tracking has a far higher throughput of information than conventional eye tracking alone.

The intention of all Not Impossible projects is to disrupt the status quo and provide access to those whose conditions limit their receipt of the technology that can better their lives. Considering the high cost of entry for most medical devices, this early iteration of the Brainwriter is an incredible system from an amazing team of makers - Javed Gangjee, David Putrino, Dan Goodwin & Sam Bergen (working with tools from OpenBCI and Tobii), and is expressed for the public in a game by Eyebeam's Ramsey Nasser and Kaho Abe. 

The Brainwriter is also inherently accessible and open – is open hardware, open software and potentially also “open-algorithm.” In this trial phase it is hoped that the Brainwriter will be a useful tool and also collect key data on the relationship with, and integration of, eyetracking with EEG sensors.

At cost of materials, the price point for the integrated system on display is estimated at $400.


The Brainwriter Build Team: Javed Gangjee (concept originator), David Putrino, Daniel Goodwin & Sam Bergen. Open BCI EEG expertise and equipment donated by Joel Murphy & Conor Russomanno.

Not Impossible Pit Crew & Creative: Mick Ebeling, Caskey Ebeling, Elliot Kotek, Paul Freeth, Anke Loh, Solomon Rossi, Nichole Caruso, Hannah Actor-Engel, Jessica Jacklin, Ryan Shaw & Megan Shields. Game created by Kaho Abe and Ramsey Nasser, enabled by Eyebeam.

ABOUT “DIGITAL REVOLUTION” @THE BARBICAN Digital Revolution is the most comprehensive presentation of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK. A festival-style exhibition, Digital Revolution takes place across the Barbican with ticketed and non-ticketed elements. The exhibition brings together for the first time a range of artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers pushing the boundaries of their fields using digital media. It also looks to the future considering the impact of creative coding, DIY culture, digital communities and the creative possibilities offered by technologies including augmented reality, artificial intelligence, wearable technologies, robotics and 3D printing.

The exhibition is created and produced by Barbican International Enterprises with guest Curator Conrad Bodman and Assistant Curators Dani Admiss and Sunny Cheung. Digital Revolution will tour to museums and galleries internationally until 2020. Full events press release available from the Barbican Newsroom:

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