A vet recently designed an all-terrain wheelchair after noticing his wife struggle with mobility.

Photo Credit: Tankchair

Photo Credit: Tankchair

Brad Soden is a combat veteran and owner of Tankchair, a wheelchair company that helps paralyzed people travel anywhere, including muddy, rocky and wet terrains. “People in a wheelchairs got a problem? We’ll fix it. We don’t care what your injury is. You got the desire, we’ll get you off the sidewalk,” he said. The Tankchair is battery-powered and made of steel or aluminum. It allows users to travel over any terrain, including snow, water and mud.

Soden was inspired to create the chair after his wife was paralyzed in a car accident. She was upset that she could no longer go camping, as there was no wheelchair out there that would allow her to confidently glide around a forested area. After two years of playing around with different designs, Soden invented the Tankchair.

Each Tankchair starts at $19,500 and is said to last 15 to 20 years. Money from each sale goes to research and development of new designs.

See the Tankchair in action in the video below.