We often get letters with great sentiment like this one from a 9-year-old named Toby in the UK. We rarely share them but this one broke through the pack of prospects, and we will now be sharing one of these each Friday.

Photo courtesy of the familiy

Photo courtesy of the familiy

Hi Elliot

My name is Toby. I am 9 years old.

At Easter I fell out of a tree and broke both my arms. I had to be in plaster for six weeks and couldn’t feed myself. I was really miserable until my mum told me about Daniel. Now I am better I am hoping to run in the Junior Great South Run in October and I really want to raise money to help children like Daniel. Can you tell me if I can do this? I live in the UK.

When I am not falling out of trees I love building lego robots so I think Not Impossible is cool. This is a photo of me with my arms in plaster!

Please email back. I am using my Mum's email.