Cellscope has come up with a handy little tool to save your little one an unnecessary trip to the pediatrician. The OTO attachment uses your cellphone's camera to get a good pic or video of the eardrum, with diagnosis just an email upload away.

If you've got kids, occasionally clipping an ear-friendly cone on your phone to take a look around inside your kid's ears might save you beaucoup bucks when it comes to pediatrician and hospital visits. The National Institute of Health estimated that 80% of children will have an ear infection before they reach 3 years of age! Therefore, the more kids you have, the more likely this is to being a solution that will save you both stress and your savings.


Cellscope Chief Medical Officer Wilbur Lam told Spectrum that “Ear infections are one of the most common pediatric diseases, and it’s one of the top reason kids are brought to the emergency room.” 

As a result, the Oto - a consumer-friendly clip on otoscope piece for iPhone - and other telemedicine tools, are shaping up to be a huge interrupter of unnecessary visits to trauma centers, freeing up physician and first-responder care for other patients, and reducing the risk of further infections and illnesses transferred in the treatment settings.

The Cellscope website states: "No waiting rooms. No guessing games. Just peace of mind," and offers the device for just $79, with an estimate for doctor diagnosis within 2 hours. 

The uploaded images, once diagnosed, then enable the connected and trusting doc to call a pharmacy with a prescription medication, meaning the only trip out of the house would be from your house to the local Walgreens/CVS/Duane Reade and then to the ice-cream store (mandatory) - you get the picture, it's easy. And isn't that just what technology is supposed to be about?