With ever-increasing connectivity, Vest is introducing a range of products to counter the effects of radiation. Not Impossible spoke with the Nevada-based Israeli innovators at International CES.

Nir Cohen (CEO, Vest): Vest is an anti-radiation technology company. Basically, we try to reduce radiation from everyday usage of electronic devices. This iPhone case is an anti-radiation case, two years R&D. During the production of the case itself, we put in aluminum powder so it reduces the radiation. However, it also reduced the phone's reception, so, what we did, we did a stitched patch that sits on the phone, which can enhance the reception. Everything has been tested and approved by the FCC's laboratories in California. 

We have also the Vest headphones. This headset here is actually like old-school airplane headsets, it's the same method, they shoot the sound through silicon tubes. With regular headsets, once you plug them inside the phone, they're like an antenna directly to your brain. 

And we have the anti-radiation belly band. I can show you a demonstration, once you put a telephone inside the band, it completely loses its reception, it shuts down the telephone. It's a very special fabric, aluminum fabric stitched into this cotton fabric.

Then we have the laptop radiation shield, a steel and aluminum shield, and our microwave radiation shield.

Are these products on the market already?

Nir: Yeah, this is our debut, we are just selling for a couple of months. We're online, which is quite nice, and now we're looking for a distributor, doing quite well.

I know there are other competing products on the market.

Nir: Yes, but it's a different method. There is one competitor who tried to do anti-radiation case but different method, also quite nice. 

And you're based here in Nevada?

Nir: Yup, we have the logistics and management sitting here in Nevada. We have logistics centers in Newark and in Florida as well.

Whose idea was it in the first place?

Nir:: Actually it came out of our personal usage, most of us speaking on the phone everyday, you know. Just getting our ear heated all the time. You come to think, "Where's the heat coming from?" You understand it's not supposed to be an oven. It's all electronic and magnetic radiation, so we started to look into it. We ran into a small patent and this special fabric that we're using. We started to bring over the production designers to try to design it. 

We started to study it, went to doctors and we saw the research in the field. We saw that it's a real problem. It's enough to read what the biggest companies say when they sell, what they put in their warranties, you can read there that you cannot put the cellphone close to your body, you have to put it away by two centimeters. If they're saying that, we have to find some solutions.

Outside of this, if you had unlimited resources and unlimited personnel, what other huge world problem would you solve?

Nir:  In general? It's a big question. Water and hunger. But let's start with radiation. If we can help people to last a couple of more years then it's enough for the meantime.

Take a peek at Vest's YouTube vid:

Ed. Note on Vest's product price points: The phone cases are between $39 and $49 retail price. We have the anti-radiation headphones which are $49 as well. The laptop shield is $99 and the microwave shield is $39.