7-year-old Liam Porter, who was born with a partial left arm, was presented with a 3-D printed arm during a ceremony that looked like a scene from a “Star Wars” movie.


Remember how excited you were after you saw “Star Wars” for the first time when you were a kid? The greatest thing ever, right? So you can imagine how thrilled a 7-year-old boy from Augusta, Georgia, must have been when he received a “Star Wars”-themed prosthetic arm.

Liam Porter, who was born with a partial left arm, was presented with his new prosthetic arm during a ceremony that included a group of “Star Wars” costume enthusiasts called the 501st Legion, The Augusta Chronicle reported

John Peterson, a 3-D printing hobbyist, created the arm with the help of e-NABLE, a group that creates open source designs for prosthetic arm and hands.

“I got matched up with Liam, because we’re both living in Augusta by e-NABLE,” Peterson told The Augusta Chronicle in a YouTube video. “So I printed off the designs, I’ve been working with the family and this is the outcome.”

The prosthetic arm costs about $300 to make, according to ABC News, which means it will be relatively inexpensive to print Porter new arms as he grows. And you don’t need to have Jedi powers to sense the big smile he has on his face underneath the clone trooper helmet he’s wearing.

“I’m sure he’ll be the coolest kid in the class,” Peterson said in The Augusta Chronicle’s YouTube video.