Stir’s smart desk stores personal information, connects to wearable fitness devices and gives a little nudge when it’s time to move.

In case you haven’t already heard, sitting all day is horrible for your health. So terrible, in fact, that researchers have compared its ill effects — including cancer, diabetes and obesity — to be on par with smoking cigarettes. Well, are you standing up yet?

These horrifying stats — detailed in a  infographic — have brought on countless versions of the standing desk, designed to get sedentary officer workers off their seats and on their feet. But have you ever tried to stand for the entire day? It’s pretty tiring. Or maybe you’ve had the intention of using a standing desk only to be buried under piles of work and suddenly it’s 6 p.m. and you’ve barely moved.

Photo courtesy of Stir

Photo courtesy of Stir

Enter the Stir Kinetic Desk. This height adjustable desk has a built in touch screen that makes raising or lowering the desk just a tap away. The desk allows workers to changes positions throughout the day — and it actually encourages them to do so. In active mode, the desk will gently adjust the up and down ever so slightly, which the company refers to as “whisperbreath.” While the terminology might elicit a giggle, the gentle nudge could be helpful for those prone to losing track of time. But don’t worry if you need a few more minutes to relax. The desk won’t change positions unless authorized on the touch screen.

It also has Bluetooth capabilities, Wi-Fi and can connect to a Fitbit. It stores personal information, updating workers about the proportion of time spent sitting verses standing and the extra calories burned from getting on their feet.

But being healthy doesn’t come cheap. The low-end model of Stir’s desk runs almost $3,000. 

Learn more about the Stir Kinetic Desk at their website and by watching the video below:

Top photo courtesy of Stir