The Swedish trio of Volvo, Ericsson communications and POC sporting goods have teamed up to provide a warning system for cyclists and drivers.

Communication systems between vehicles are currently in the pipeline around the globe, and three Swedish companies have now linked up to share that information with cyclists, too. 

With an increase in city-commuters opting for the 2-wheeler, and drivers being increasingly distracted by texts, calls and navigation systems in our vehicles, any tech that ensures we stay attuned to our environment is going to get the green light on

The POC helmet connects the cyclist's positioning app via the cloud to the Volvo's on-board system, proceeding toward a solution to curb the many fatalities caused by car-bicycle collisions. It's estimated that there are 50,000 cyclist injuries and fatalities in the US each year. 

Given the "Volvo Cars' City Safety" system being offered as standard on some new Volvo models, it seems the car known for being on the cutting edge of safety continues to hold up its end of the deal in its goal to becoming a collision-less car company. Since the spring of 2013, all new Volvo cars are equipped with auto-brake for cyclists, using radar and cameras to detect cyclists and, based on advanced sensor technology, can apply full automatic braking should the car come close to a collision.

The system will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 6-9, 2015.

Check out the demo:


Some stats to consider, courtesy of Volvo:

  • The total cost of bicyclist injuries and deaths is over $4 billion per year in the US (source: National Safety Council 2012)
  • Globally, 132.3 million bicycles were sold in 2013 (source: NPD Group 2013)
  • In US 726 cyclists were killed in 2012, an increase in 6.5% compared to 2011 and 49’000 were injured, +2.1% vs. 2011 (source: NHTSA/Traffic Safety Facts, November 2013)