Photo courtesy of Ekso Bionics

Photo courtesy of Ekso Bionics

After poring through dozens of #CES2015 tweets, we’re sharing our five favorites on health and wellness tech with you.

We’ve been following CES 2015 coverage on our Twitter feed, and we’re in awe of the massive amount of tweets about health and wellness devices, which should hopefully make all of our lives better. Here are five of our favorite #CES2015 tweets so far this week:

5. Smart Belt: Yes, this belt, as Mashable explains below, “automatically adjusts itself” after a meal. Seems like it’s the kind of gadget that you may only use once a year — like on Thanksgiving, right? But Mashable says that the belt “also keeps track of your overall health, and nudges you when you've been sitting for too long.” So it’s more like a fitness device that your wear on your waistline.

4. Smart Baby Bottle: Shinyshiny tweeted a story about Baby Glgl, a “new smart baby bottle designed to stop babies gulping when they drink, so their digestion runs more smoothly.” A smart baby bottle and sleep-deprived parents could be match made in heaven!


3. Old School Wearables: We applaud @DFab1959 for pointing out that hearing aids could be considered the godfather of wearable gadgets!


2. Preventing Health Emergencies: We found Live Science’s roundup of tech aimed at preventing medical emergencies really helpful and wanted to make sure we shared it with you. One of the devices mentioned in the roundup is called ADAM, which is aimed at asthma sufferers and tracks their “respiration rate and how often they cough.”


1. Helping Paraplegics to Walk Again: We were moved to see this Ekso Bionics tweet of Shane Mosko, a 22-year-old paraplegic man, walking during a CES session with Ekso Bionics’ robotic exoskeleton. Read The Guardian’s story for a full account.