Keeping your chompers healthy and clean just became a whole lot easier.

Going to the dentist is a pretty universally dreaded task. Some of that has to do with a sore mouth after a painful cleaning, but some of the anxiety likely comes from the stern talking to you may receive from your oral hygiene professional. I, for one, think I take great care of my teeth, but somehow I always receive some mild scolding about brushing longer and a look of disbelief when I promise that I do indeed floss.

Well, for my next trip to the dentist, I can verifiably prove that I’ve tended to my teeth. A new electric toothbrush, the Oral B Pro 7000, connects to smartphones to monitor and track daily care.

When you start brushing, Bluetooth connects the activity to a smartphone app. A timer begins a countdown to ensure users stay at it for the dentist recommended two minutes. The application tracks progress and offers feedback. It alerts you if you’re brushing too hard and takes note of the areas of the mouth that have been sufficiently cleaned. Teeth cleaning enthusiasts can choose between six different modes, including deep clean, whitening and one for the tongue. There’s no smart floss just yet, but it does remind users not to forget the neglected task.

Brushing your teeth might seem like the most obvious part of a daily routine, yet more than 30 percent of Americans admit to not brushing their teeth twice a day according to a 2014 survey. Without a parent nagging to brush your pearly whites morning and night, the daily task can go by waste side. Those that do brush twice daily, generally do so for less than two minutes. The smart toothbrush aims to make brushing a little more fun by showing users local weather and news while they brush.

Top photo credit: Business Wire