This pocket-sized gadget turns a smartphone into a medical device.

Whenever I felt sick as a child, my father would kiss my forehead to determine if I had a fever. A sweet memory, but not the most accurate way to determine whether your child needs medical attention. Sure, we had thermometers, too. I’d stick one under my tongue and try to sit still for the eternity it seemed to take for the reading.

In recent years, thermometers have moved from mercury-filled glass options, to digital ear readers, and now, a touch-free option that connects to smartphones.

Photo courtesy of Joywing

Photo courtesy of Joywing

Developed by a baby product storeowner and dad, Harry Hu, the Wishbone uses an infrared sensor to take a child’s temperature in just two seconds. By holding the sensor a three to five centimeters from the child’s forehead, the Wishbone’s readings are as accurate as traditional thermometers. And it saves parents the hassle of trying to insert a foreign object into an already miserable child.

Wishbone isn’t the first infrared thermometer, but it stands out with quick readings and a smartphone connection. Android and iPhone users alike can plug the device into a headphone jack. The phone displays the reading and can track temperature over time and share with health professionals.

It’s also useful beyond seeing if a child is sick. The Wishbone thermometer can also note the temperature of a room, a bottle of formula or a bathtub.

Currently, it runs parents about $33 if they pledge on the company’s Kickstarter campaign before Thursday. Backers can expect to receive the Wishbone as early as April of this year.

Learn more about the Wishbone at its Kickstarter page and by watching the video below: