Keep losing things? Next time, attach a Pixie Point on it to pinpoint its exact location.

My keys. My cell phone. My dog’s leash. My glasses. These are four things I lose track of on a fairly regular basis. My sometimes-scattered brain looks forward to connecting with Pixie Points, which can help make me more organized with my things.

Here’s how they work: Pixie Points, which are about the size of a guitar pick, are loaded up with sensors. Once you’ve attached a Pixie Point to, say, your wallet or your diaper bag, you can access the Pixie app on your iPhone or Android phone to pinpoint the item’s exact location. If your wallet goes out of range (about 150 feet from your smartphone), you can see its last-known location, according to Mashable.

And cooler still: You can associate various items with each other — or what the company behind Pixie Points calls the “Location of Things.” According to the company, they’re providing a technology platform that knows where everything is all the time.

Photo courtesy of Pixie

Photo courtesy of Pixie


For example, a young mom can attach one Pixie Point to the diaper bag, one to the talcum powder, another to the pre-moistened wipes and a fourth to a bottle of hand sanitizer. These items are all connected to each other so she can view the locations of each of these items. Get this: If she tries to leave the house without any of these items, her app will send her an alert as soon as they go out of range.

Now imagine some other scenarios where Pixie Points could more than just help un-scatter your brain. It’s not a stretch to imagine these sensor-driven chips making the difference between a normal day and one with a potential health emergency. The AIDS patient who has to take a cocktail of drugs every day. The 71-year-old woman who takes a pain relief drug, a sleeping pill and a statin to keep her cholesterol in check. For these people, Pixie Points could literally be a lifesaver to help locate a lost prescription bottle.

According to Geeky Gadgets, Pixie Points are available for pre-order and cost $40 for four. The company says the devices are made of a durable, hazard-free polymer — essentially the same material Lego’s are made of. Lasting 18 months, Pixie Points can be replaced by peeling off the old one and replacing it with a new device and synching up the new Pixie Point with the app on your smartphone.

Learn more about Pixie Points at their website and by watching the video below: