When somebody’s being rushed to the emergency room, time is of the essence. Samsung’s tablet-based ultrasound program aims to speed up medical care.

It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone on a tablet, and now in Dallas, a physician is using tablet technology to help save people’s lives. According to Forbes.com, an ultrasound program developed by Samsung send images to the medical staff wirelessly while a patient is being rushed to the hospital, so the doctors can see what the problem is before the patient even arrives.

This technology is called the Samsung PT60A, which launched last July in Dallas. As Forbes.com explains, emergency workers get ultrasound images of the person in trouble, and then they send the images through “a cloud-based image management system to awaiting emergency room physicians.”

When somebody’s being rushed to the emergency room, time is of the essence. The faster you get the patient to the hospital, the more likely they can make it, so the ultrasound system will save a great deal of time. With this technology, once you know exactly what is wrong with the patient, you can save time by making the crucial decisions in the ambulance that would normally be made in the ER.

This innovation was created by Dr. Roy Yamada, who is an EMS medical director in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and he worked with Samsung to train paramedics in how to use this ultrasound technology.

The Samsung PT60A has been used in a variety of different traumas, and the image quality, even in rushed, frenzied circumstances, can stay strong. (The images can also be sent to a doctor’s smartphone, because email and phone numbers for doctors and technicians are programmed into the PT60A.) 

Top photo courtesy of Samsung