Watch a 7-Year-Old Boy Receive a 3-D Printed Arm From Iron Man

In a heart-melting moment, Robert Downey Jr. helps make a little boy’s dreams come true.

When Alex walks into a hotel room to receive the newest version of his 3-D printed arm, he’s greeted by one of his favorite super heroes, Iron Man, to receive his new limb.

Okay, so Robert Downey Jr. is in Tony Stark mode instead of wearing his full Iron Man gear, but Alex’s barely contained smile indicates that he knows exactly whom he’s talking to.

A 7-year-old born with a partially developed right arm, Alex has been working with an actual bionics expert, Albert Manero and his project Limbitless Solutions to create a functional prosthetic. The printed arms don’t look like traditional skin and bone, but instead appeal to children. Another child’s arm is designed to look like clothing from Disney movie “Tangled.” And since Alex loves superheroes, an arm like Iron Man’s was the obvious choice.

While Robert Downey Jr. might not hand deliver every prosthetic, Manero’s work has the potential to change the lives of children all over the world. The cost of making Alex’s 3-D printed arm was just $350, compared to the tens of thousands for a traditional prosthetic, The Verge reports.

Both Alex and Iron Man try on their almost identical looking arms. Alex gives his super hero a few fist bumps and confirms with Downey that his arm is indeed cooler than Iron Man’s, because at least his light works properly.

Watch the full video below:



Top screenshot courtesy of officevideos’ YouTube channel