Not Impossible Now was delighted to hear from youth leader Maria Esquela who updated us about their next prosthetic hand project and scout Lucas Hines, who was honored with a trip to Washington.

In January, Not Impossible Now brought you the story of Maria Esquela, a Baltimore-area mom and youth leader, who had organized a series of workshops designed to train young volunteers to assemble 3-D printed prosthetic hands made by e-NABLE. E-NABLE is a group that creates open source designs for mechanical hand assistive devices, and then distributes them to refugees and others in need around the world.

Lucas Hines, one of the participating Boy Scouts who was shown holding one of the workshop’s creations, is one of Esquela’s Chaplains’ Aides. Lucas received a Boy Scout Medal of Honor last fall for saving his cousin’s life, The Baltimore Sun reported.

 Photo courtesy of Maria Esquela

Photo courtesy of Maria Esquela

 He was selected to be part of a small delegation distributing the Boy Scouts of America Report to the Nation and to various branches of government and agencies, such as NASA, this spring. He wrote and led the benediction at a Joint Chiefs’ Breakfast during a series of events recently, and visited President Obama at the West Wing on Thursday.

“You never know what wings will carry your message or where they will go,” Maria enthusiastically told Not Impossible Now.


 Photo courtesy of Maria Esquela

Photo courtesy of Maria Esquela

She shared some pictures Lucas’ proud mom sent her as well as one from her Senator Barbara Mikulski’s media team.

“I hope this makes you smile today,” she told us. “Thank you for your encouragement and the story this winter.”

Meanwhile, she reported that her young Baltimore crew is working on a special hand for a 5-year-old with almost no palm. Their work gets under way starting on Sunday.

“We are waiting for feedback from the recipients of the hands constructed at our winter workshops,” she said. “We sent a hand to Barcelona last month and are getting … ready for India and Eastern Europe. We are going to work with Canadian Scouts at an interfaith retreat north of Baltimore on Saturday, May 2, to include them as leaders of our workshop and help them take the program back to Canada.”

Top photo caption: Lucas Hines with Senator Barbara Mikulski. (Photo courtesy of Senator Barbara Mikulski’s office)