KiteGen harnesses kinetic energy from the wind without negatively impacting the environment.

When you think of clean energy, images of wind farms or solar panels likely come to mind. Now you can add kites to the mix.

KiteGen Venture, a company based in Turin, Italy, has developed large power kites capable of collecting kinetic energy from the wind and converting it into electricity that’s sent to the electrical power grid. The technology also promises zero impact on the environment and no carbon dioxide emissions.

“Thanks to their strength, constancy and distribution, the high altitude winds are the greatest source [of energy] on our planet,” said Stefan Serra, a mechanical technician at KiteGen, in a video on KiteGen’s Indiegogo page. “By merely scratching them, we could satisfy the world’s need for clean and cheap energy. Basically, we just discovered that the greatest oil field is above our heads.”

The company launched its crowdfunding campaign this week in tandem with the launch of the KiteGen Stem, a 3-megawatt generator that can provide clean energy for 10,000 families, according to a press release. With its campaign, the company hopes to raise $400,000 to install the big scale generator — the final step in getting KiteGen’s technology officially off the ground.

With the design and testing phases of the Power Kites complete, KiteGen is now determining where the generators will have the most impact. The company says the kites don’t necessarily have to be installed in windy areas; rather, they should go wherever there’s a need for clean energy. KiteGen has also partnered with various nonprofits, such as Amnesty International and Bridge for Good, to help determine which areas of the world could most benefit from the kites and says it plans to share the revenue accrued from its first-line of installed generators with these nonprofit groups.

Learn more about KiteGen Venture at their website and in the video below: