Turning bike frames fluorescent white promises higher visibility between drivers and cyclists after the sun goes down.

While biking is good for body and the environment, it can be scary to hit the road with only a helmet to protect your brain from monstrous vehicles, often ignoring your two-wheeled mode of transportation.

And while bikers certainly share some of the blame for accidents and collisions, one car company wants to shoulder some of the safety burden.

In order to help prevent the 19,000 annual cycling accidents in the UK, Volvo has developed LifePaint, a temporary spray that riders can put on their bikes to make them more visible to drivers at night when they are most difficult to see.

Along with spraying the frame, cyclists can coat their helmets, backpacks, and clothing with the reflective paint that makes the riders look like they glow in the dark. But LifePaint won’t let be noticeable during your morning commute. It only lights up in the evening hours under the glare of a car’s headlights.

One coating lasts for about a week, although the safety spray is easy to wash off sooner if users choose to do so with a bit of laundry detergent. And Volvo also promises that LifePaint will not permanently alter the condition of your bike or clothes, so you can spray away worry free.

Currently, LifePaint is only available on a trial basis in the UK although similar products like Albedo100 Invisible Bright are available for purchase in the U.S.

Learn more about LifePaint at its website and in the video below:

Top screenshot courtesy of Volvo LifePaint’s YouTube channel