National Making Week took place June 12-18, 2015 in Washington, DC. Culminating with the White House Maker Faire, national attention is focusing in on national issues, like 3D-printed limbs for female veterans.

There's been a lot of talk about 3D-printed limbs. And while the models are unisex, a group of female makers are re-thinking the approach, taking up the opportunity to design limbs specifically for unique needs of female veterans. Check out the video:

Make Magazine reported on the work of Dara Dotz, Andrea Ippolito and Heather Irvine at the Girls Lounge at the National Maker Faire:


"Ippolito is a Presidential Innovation Fellow with the Department of Veterans Affairs and came to National Maker Faire in Washington, DC, to talk about the work she is involved in concerning making special prosthetics for female veterans. Dotz is supporting the cause with her work in 3D printing and STEM fields. Lastly, Irvine is the Marketing and Creative Director at the The Ipsos Girls’ Lounge, and she is contributing to the cause by bringing visibility to female veterans and women in STEM (like Dotz)." 

Stay tuned for a better look at the designs as these makers are scheduled to highlight their innovations via a "Make-a-Thon" and fashion show at the VA Innovation Creation Series and their Prosthetic and Assistive Technology Challenge in late July.

It's important to remember that general functionality is great, but specific design around issues like latching bras or applying makeup is essential, and that design is often what builds confidence and trust and catalyzes the ability of this nation's bravest to live with less limitations.