Watch out, Band-Aid.

If you're feeling good about yourself today, forget about it, because a thirteen-year-old just blew all of your accomplishments out of the water. Anushka Naiknaware, who isn't even old enough to drive a car, just invented a bandage that can tell you when it needs to be changed. Thankfully someone at Google appreciated her genius brain enough to give her a $15,000 scholarship. But seriously, the most impressive thing I did as a thirteen-year-old was get my mom to buy me a cellphone.

The bandage itself is pretty awesome. It's basically monitors its own dryness levels to make sure whoever's wearing it keeps their wound moist, which is important in the healing process. Anushka was actually the youngest competitor to win the prize this year, and rightfully so. Her next step is to secure US FDA approval and hopefully put her idea into use commercially. We have no doubt that whatever happens, we'll be hearing a lot more from Anushka in the future.

(h/t Google Science Fair)