It’s easier to not think about some problems, like food waste. As a global society, we waste about 1.3 billion tons of food per year. The richest countries tend to be the guiltiest ones. With global hunger as pervasive as it is we have a responsibility to not be wasteful. LettUs Grow wants to help people do just that.

We’ve all done it: we’ve all bought salad ingredients only to leave them lying around in the fridge for a few days until they get gross and start wilting. At that point you either eat a sad salad or feel guilty for throwing away food that could have been eaten by someone. LettUs Grow wants to change the way we get our vegetables. The LG is basically a small LED chamber that helps you grow salad ingredients at home and keep them fresh longer. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it takes out the middleman: think of all the pollution that arises from farming your salad, packaging it, and shipping it off to the grocery store.

As food waste becomes more and more of a problem, we can expect more independent solutions like LettUs Grow to pop up if governments don’t take action. As you may recall, France recently introduced game-changing legislation that bans supermarkets from throwing away food. Instead, they now have to donate the food to food banks and charities. The UK and Italy also recently introduced similar legislation, though it remains to be seen whether or not they will pass these laws as well. While politicians in the US do try to pass food waste bills, they don’t seem to get as much traction despite how much of global food waste originates there. But hey, why wait for the government to take action? It’s easier than ever to be a freegan these days.