3D printers are doing some incredible things.

3D printers are at once magical and terrifying. We've all seen 3D printed guns and their detrimental potential. But there are also 3D printed organs and limbs. Now, you can add picture books to this list -- but these aren't just standard picture books.

The Tactile Picture Books Project aims to bring tactile versions of classic picture books to visually impaired children. The books use three-dimensional pictures and braille that kids can feel. The best part of all is that since they are 3D printed, anyone can download the templates and make their own. They're the ultimate in accessibility (for, you know, people who can afford 3D printers). 

It kind of makes you wonder what is next. The current options provided by the Tactile Picture Books Project are Dear Zoo, Goodnight Moon, and Harold and the Purple Crayon. Now who is going to be the dedicated 3D printing connoisseur to bring Harry Potter to life in stunning braille?