If the International Space Station wants to keep its international crew happy, a hot cup of espresso is sure to add to the ambience. While Buzz Aldrin takes the title for first space Buzz, this 3D-printed espresso cup comes a close runner-up.

Last week, the folks back on earth emailed a 3D-printable file of a socket wrench to the International Space Station, this week, they're sending up a 3D-printed coffee cup that works for the low-gravity environment.

Do they need to put Buzz Aldrin's mug on this mug of buzz? We certainly think so. (They should also put Dr. Dre on Dreidels for Channukah, and Grandmas on Grandmaster Flash - did we take that too far?)

Six 3D-printed espresso cups will go up on the next SpaceX flight in February. Want to know who's responsible for this caffeine-inspired feat of genius? One of America's homes for artisanal fare, the weird and wonderful Portland boasts this win - led by a team of engineers at Portland State University's Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science

As pointed out by psfk.com, the project involved everyone from high school intern Nathan Ott to NASA in its research. Now that's some Not Impossible style :)

Given that liquids have trouble holding their normal pour elements at low-gravity, and that this cup addresses that problem to ensure the normal crema froths up at the top of the espresso, we're pretty sure the team over at Virgin Galactic are looking closely at this tech to ensure their first class passengers get a stratospheric fix.