The folks at Columbia University in New York City have just 3D printed a knee meniscus. Dr. Scholl would have loved this!

The video below with Professor of Dentistry Dr. Jeffrey J Mao may be an academic snooze-fest, but the impact of this implant is un-ignorable. For everyone with torn and worn menisci (though we prefer the more Python-esque meniscuses), doctors at Columbia University have successfully 3D-printed a knee meniscus:

The technology is a 3D-printed scaffolding with some proteins attached to it. The body's natural tissues then encompass or encircle the implant and convert that protein into a meniscus for absorbing everything from the shock of your everyday one-on-one basketball tourney with the kids in the front driveway through to the pressure of having to wear shorts in winter to show off your new nobblies. 

At the moment, it's been successfully tested in some lucky/unlucky sheep but, as Timbuk 3 so succinctly surmised, "the future's so bright I gotta wear shades."