A Mumbai-based company wants to take the backbreaking work out of cleaning clothes for those who cannot afford washing machines.

While I’ve often contemplated going as far as to buy new clothing in an attempt to avoid doing laundry, most people — myself included — can’t afford to just replace every t-shirt with a new one each time it gets sweaty or stinky. Whether you’re stuck lugging sacks of towels and bed sheets to the laundromat or if you’re one of the coveted few who has an actual machine in your home, washing your clothes might not be much fun, but it isn’t really all that bad. Now, imagine having to complete the detested chore without the help of a washing machine.

For many poor families in developing countries, the only option to wash clothing and linens is by hand. Cost, space and proper plumbing eliminate the possibility of machines and force mostly women to spend hours squatting on the ground, rubbing vigorously and exposing oneself to harsh detergents.

But Indian entrepreneur Piyush Agarwalla has a simple solution to strenuous task: A compact mixer called the Venus. Anyone with a bucket and an electrical outlet can use it, although the company is currently working on creating a battery-powered option. Add water, detergent and dirty items and, voilà, you’ve got scrub-free clean clothes.

It’s certainly not as easy as machine washing. Users still have to remove the soapy clothes, rinse them in clean water and wring them out. But in comparison to washing every by hand, the Venus is a huge step up.

Agarwalla got the idea while caring for his mother after she had surgery, Fast Company reports. Stuck having to clean countless sheets in the bathroom, he thought a portable option would be useful to those who can’t afford machines as well as bachelors, students and avid campers. The company aims to sell the Venus for just $25 — bucket not included.

One tip: You might want to use the Venus outdoors or in the bathroom. It looks like it gets a bit splashy. 

Learn more about the Venus at Vimbas.com and in the video below: