Kicking machines isn’t encouraged, but demonstrate the four-legged robot’s ability to balance and recover under difficult circumstances, such as search and rescue efforts.

Kicking any sort of defenseless animal will likely incite scorn from your peers — unless it’s a robotic 160-pound “dog” that doesn’t tuck its tail between its legs from even the heartiest of whacks.

Multiple staff members from Boston Dynamics attempt to knock over their newest bot, Spot, in a video released on Monday. The steel machine doesn’t resemble a dog, other than moving around on four feet. And instead of staring at its attacker with sad puppy dog eyes, Spot just stumbles a bit. His hydraulic sensors keep him upright, no worse for the wear.

Spot is powered by an electric motor and boasts a sensor head that allows him to navigate rough terrain. The video features Spot trotting down narrow office halls, scaling a steep hill, climbing a staircase and matching the pace of a human for a brisk jog.

Acquired by Google in 2013, the company created by MIT engineers has a wide array of robots under their belt. A version almost 100 pounds larger than Spot, Big Dog, was funded by U.S. military research division Darpa in 2008 and designed for hauling heavy gear. But under Google’s supervision, the company has switched gears to create a more agile version that can adapt to multiple locations, The Verge reports. That doesn’t mean Spot will enter homes as some sort of hypoallergenic pet. Instead, the robo-dog’s creators plan to use Spot for scouting or search and rescue efforts.

Watch Boston Dynamics’ video below: