When you find the man of your dreams, you encourage his dreams. That’s the case with me. I love a man who loves climbing mountains — just as much as I live for adding mileage to my running shoes! One “rule” I set out early in our relationship was that he bring his cell phone on his climbs so he could call for help. (Ah, compromise is the foundation of any successful relationship!)

Had Fogo been around a year-and-a-half ago, maybe technology could have replaced the need for compromise — in this particular instance anyway. At first glance, Fogo is a cool-looking flashlight. You quickly realize it includes a digital GPS, and it lets hikers charge their other gadgets. The device can also help hikers communicate with you to let you know they’re safe and sound as long as you have a Fogo, too.

According to Gizmag, Fogo is a “digital Swiss Army knife” that caters to a hiker’s needs. Users can synch Fogo with a smartphone to be notified by blinking lights when they veer off their intended course. Other useful features include a pedometer, an ambient light sensor for adaptive brightness and an app-based operating system with 128 MB of storage. 

Made of aluminum, Fogo is also helpful for biking, camping, hunting, fishing and “all things outdoors/apocalyptic,” Fogo Digital’s AngelList page says. The Bluetooth-capable device can also provide connections to smart sensors, such as a heart rate monitor.

The company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and hopes to raise $125,000. Future plans for Fogo include a software development kit that will allow other companies to develop apps for the device, Gizmag reported.

According to Tech Crunch, Fogo Digital sees the device as a viable tool for the casual hiker who might want to pack a single device, instead of packing a separate flashlight, GPS and other gadgets. The military and law enforcement should also be good markets for this smart flashlight.

Depending on the success of its Kickstarter campaign, the company plans to ship Fogo in September.

Learn more about Fogo by visiting their Kickstarter page and by watching the video below: