As a society, we've done a great job in recent years of encouraging people to ditch their plastic water bottles in exchange for more eco-friendly re-usable bottles. One Austrian start up wants to take it a step further: Fontus has designed a water bottle that fills itself using only water extracted from the air. Unless you live in the desert, this is a pretty big deal, because the theoretical bottle can create up to half a liter of water per hour on a good day.

This innovation is great for adventurers in remote areas who may not have immediate access to water, and that definitely seems to be the demographic it's marketed to. But the Fontus bottle has wider-reaching applications. It's no big secret that many people on this planet do not have ready access to clean, potable water. A bottle like this could make a huge difference in increasing water access worldwide. Of course, that will depend on how much the final product costs since the current plan is just a prototype. Not gonna lie, it doesn't look cheap. Perhaps Fontus would consider a model like Toms, in which every purchase of a bottle also results in a bottle being donated to someone in need.

Then again, it's not really the bottle so much as its actual system that's important. Hopefully if a mass-market product hits shelves any time soon, Fontus will use at least some of the profits to try to implement the condensation system on a larger scale, perhaps integrating it into water cooler and irrigation systems. But that's all quite a few steps ahead of where we're at right now. Currently, Fontus is still in the process of funding this nifty experiment, so for the time being we can just think of it as a very cool hypothetical water bottle and not much more.