Maria D'Azevedo and William Mason developed an Android application to predict epileptic seizures. Y'know, they're up to usual teenage thing - changing the world and all that.

For those susceptible to epileptic episodes, teenage tech titans Maria D'Azevedo and William Mason have developed an Android app that can keep you aware of your moment-to-moment susceptibility to a seizure. 

When NotImpossibleNow's editor-in-chief Elliot Kotek caught up with the dynamic duo at Intel's ISEF science fair, they filled us in as to how the tool enables you to better ensure your safety at times at risk, and also has application to notify those in your inner circle of your condition.

Classmates who elected to jump on this project because they were interested in its bio-medical applications, D'Azevedo and Mason totally remind us of ourselves at that age (you can take our word for it - there's really no need to ask our parents).

Conclusion: Kids are awesome.