The world's first news-reading android has been unveiled in Japan, and has reported on two major stories in Tokyo.

Photo Credit: AFP

Photo Credit: AFP

The newest newscasters in Tokyo, Japan are androids. The robots were designed by a team led by robotics professor Hiroshi Ishijuro and delivered their very first newscast last week, including a story of an earthquake and an FBI raid. 

Two extraordinarily life-like robots named Kodomoroid and Otonaroid broadcast the news live to an audience of reporters. Kodomoroid is teleoperated and looks like a human child that is able to gather and deliver news from around the world in a multitude of voices and languages. Octonaroid looks like an adult female and is currently working as a science communicator for Miraikan, a national museum of emerging science and innovation. 


Both robots can be seen at the museum in a permanent exhibit called "Android: What is Human?" The museum describes the exhibit as "a unique and rare event which will provide visitors with the opportunity to communicate with and operate android robots, while shedding light on the attributes of humans in contrast with those of robots."

Watch the androids deliver the news in the video below.