Google has teamed up with young activists to highlight the accomplishments of female pioneers around the world.

When strolling through your own city or visiting a new one, it’s quite possible you’re unknowingly passing locations where women have made extraordinary achievements. Now, thanks to the Field Trip app, your phone will buzz whenever you’re crossing paths with history.

After the nonprofit SPARK — an organization composed of 13- to 22-year-old female activists — noticed that female pioneers were featured in only 17 percent of Google’s daily search-engine doodles, the tech giant agreed the problem needed fixing, GOOD reported. In addition to featuring more women in the daily doodles, Google and SPARK collaborated to showcase the accomplishments of 100 women worldwide by adding “SPARK’s Women on the Map” function to Google’s Field Trip mapping app.

When you activate “Women on the Map,” your phone will buzz each time you pass a noteworthy place. As you wander through, say, San Francisco, you’ll learn about Mary Ellen Pleasant, an abolitionist known as the “Mother of Civil Rights in California.” Or, during a trip to the U.K., you may stumble upon the location where Mary Anning discovered fossils of a Plesiosaurus in Lyme Regis, England.

In addition to receiving an alert about the notable location you’re in, the app will also provide a brief biography about the historical figure and her achievements.

SPARK acknowledges that while the app is a good start, there are far more than 100 women who deserve to be recognized. The nonprofit is currently taking suggestions and submissions for additional historical women who should be put “on the map.” Visit the SPARK site for more details.

Learn more about “Women on the Map” by watching the video below: