After record sales last quarter, the tech company announced a massive investment in solar power.

In an effort to decrease their carbon footprint and save some cash, Apple executives announced a new investment in green energy to support their home state’s offices and stores.

The inventors of the iPhone are buying up $850 million in solar energy from First Solar Inc’s newest farm being built this year in Monterey County, Calif. Taking up about half of the farm, Apple will collect power from130 megawatts, according to First Solar’s release.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook called it the company’s "biggest, boldest and most ambitious project ever" when he announced the endeavor at a Goldman Sachs technology conference in San Francisco. And First Solar is saying pretty much the same thing: It’s the largest agreement in clean energy for a commercial business.

The solar farm will be used to power all of the company’s two corporate offices, its data center, offices, plus all 52 of its retail stores throughout California, according to Apple Insider.

This isn’t Apple’s first foray into solar: The tech conglomerate owns a private facility in North Carolina and plans to build another in Arizona. Almost 75 percent of Apple’s buildings run on green energy.

While Cook acknowledged the monetary gain from using a renewable source that isn’t subject to market ups and downs, combatting climate change is a company priority.

"We know in Apple that climate change is real. The time for talk is passed," said Cook. "The time for action is now."

Top photo caption: Apple’s solar farm in North Carolina. (Photo courtesy of Apple)