A Not ImpossibleChallenge: The #RobotWalker team needs an @Arduino programmer to help kids with Cerebral Palsy and other challenges learn how to walk. Is it YOU?

It's been an exciting and productive few months here at Not Impossible and we've moved forward with some new projects.

One project we've talked about is the Robot Walker, a DIY exoskeleton with robotic leg elements that can reduce the time it takes for children with cerebral palsy to learn how to walk (from 5 years to 1 year).

After our teen-team built and tested the first prototype, we have a need for a programmer who understands the Arduino platform.

Our needs are the following:

1. a basic understanding of calculus

2. able to connect with the project team in Los Angeles by Google Hangout or other video conference at least once in order to be walked through how the hardware and the application interface

3. when possible, be able to work in real time with the rest of the team

[also helpful is experience with PID, iOS, and/or robotic programming]

This is by no means a full time effort, just someone who can sync up with the team and then pop off and kick out some results. Our teams are strictly volunteer-based so we understand and appreciate any help being offered.

We'd hope that someone would be able to jump on board ASAP as the team is using its Summer holidays to get a leg up on the project.

If you're interested, please contact us at +1.310.667.9223 or by email at teresaATnotimpossiblelabsDOTcom - for more detailed specifics from the teen-team-leader Joel Simonoff, check out his post on the Arduino message board here.

Thank you for being a valuable part of our Not Impossible crowd-solving community, and please continue to look for future opportunities to collaborate as we take on more projects. 


Not Impossible