Bioniklabs' products target those with neurological dysfunction - their latest tool, "Arke," enables paraplegics and the wheelchair bound to walk.

Currently in clinical trials, with the hope that it will soon be able to be trialled by patients in their own homes, the latest iteration of Bioniklabs' ARKE exoskeleton system is made of carbon fiber, aluminum and steel, and has a data loop that feeds back in reel time to physical therapists.

Secondary benefits from utilizing exoskeletons include a reduction in the bone density loss and muscular atrophy that accompanies the usual inactivity stemming from lower limb paralysis. Rehabilitation and movement commonly leads to a reduction in rehospitalizations, and aids in the conditioning of the circulatory, digestive and pulmonary systems - it is estimated by the company that 5 million wheelchair users might directly benefit from ARKE use, and that ARKE would also benefit stroke patients and might offer support for the obese and the elderly.

Bioniklabs' targeted pricepoint for the ARKE is $50,000 USD, about $25,000 cheaper than the REWALK we've featured previously on Not Impossible Now, and about $40,000 cheaper than the EKSO.

Bioniklabs has been included in the 2015 Kairos Global Summit as one of the K50, representing the "next generation of entrepreneurs making breakthroughs in the areas of biotech, education, agriculture, mobile, cleantech, healthcare, and more."