The Baxter Research Robot teaches kids how to train for their seemingly inevitable future -- working alongside robots.

Photo Credit: Rethink Robotics

Photo Credit: Rethink Robotics

The Baxter Research Robot is being used to help kids as young as 10 learn skills that may help them in the future workplace. In the project from Rethink Robotics, children are learning to train the robot, which has practical applications in healthcare, manufacturing and education fields. 

“By the time [today’s students] enter the workforce, robots will be integrated into nearly every industry, as we see in manufacturing today," said Scott Eckert, CEO of Rethink Robotics. 

Many industries have taken on the use of robots, which is only expected to increase in coming years. This has caused a worry that robots will eventually take the place of human workers, The hope is that educating children about how to operate robots, or even how to design them, will ensure there will be a place for them in the future job market.

“These children will have an important advantage -- experience -- thanks to the K-12 schools, colleges and universities that are investing in robotics now,” Eckert said.

With three new distribution deals, Baxter will be used in classrooms around the world.

See more of how Baxter is being used in classrooms in the video below.