A startup wants to give people a digital signature in order to make authentication easier and more secure.

Photo Credit: BioCatch

Photo Credit: BioCatch

Passwords may soon be a thing of the past. A startup called BioCatch is working on giving people unique signatures based on their online behaviors to prove their identity on the Web. 

“Essentially, it’s a way to authenticate your mind by observing what you do and how you do it,” said BioCatch co-founder Uri Rivner. 

The company works with customers to detect fraud and identity theft, while making it easier for people to log in to their own accounts without triggering fraud alerts. The technology works by looking for unique patterns in how people use digital devices to create a "cognitive signature." BioCatch measures up to 450 physical parameters that describe a person's interaction with computers, mobile devices and Web browsers. These parameters include hand-eye coordination, pressure applied when pressing a button, and tremors felt when dragging fingers across a touch screen.

Aside from detecting certain patterns, BioCatch also gives "users" challenges to see how they respond. For example, the company might make a user's mouse skip or become resistant to movement. It then measures how the user responds. “If you are not a human, you won’t respond,” says Rivner. “It’s almost like an invisible CAPTCHA.”

BioCatch isn't likely to actually replace passwords, might it might help get rid of annoying CAPTCHAs at the end of online transactions.

Learn more about BioCatch's technology in the video below.